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Analysis of the relationship between the visual satisfaction and personality traits after the cataract surgery

Authors: Yuyan Guo, Yuanping Zhang, Xu Zha, Xueying Zhao, Weijia Zhang, Linkun Ma


Objective: Our study collected relevant factors including Eysenck Personality traits, age, education levels and income levels preoperative, then analyze the relationship between the relevant factors and the postoperative satisfaction after 1 day, 1 month and 3 months via logistic ordinal regression analysis of SPSS19 to help to explore the relevance between the visual satisfaction and personality traits after implantation of Aspherical intraocular lens, meanwhile doctors can inform the patients of the prognosis satisfaction before operation according to Eysenck Personality Questionnaire score so as to reduce their expected satisfaction ,improve the postoperative satisfaction and reduce disputes.
Methods: Select 112 patients including 65 males and 47 females aged 40~84 years old in accordance with the inclusion criteria into our research. Then record gender, age, income level and cultural degree and personality questionnaire scores via Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Revise Short Scale before surgery. All the operations are completed by an experienced surgeon, and record the satisfaction after 1 day, 1 month, and 3 months. Do descriptive statistical analysis on the satisfaction, and take different personality traits (E, P, N, L scale), age, gender, educational level, income level as the independent variables, meanwhile take the satisfaction degree (postoperative 1 day, 1 month, 3 months) as the dependent variable to have logistic ordinal regression analysis via SPSS19. Then carry out the Wallis Kruskal analysis (H test) between different groups to figure out whether there is a statistical difference among the groups, if there is a statistical difference, then carry out the Wilcoxon rank test between every two groups.
Results: The total satisfaction degrees after 1 day, 1 month, 3 months are respectively 90.18%, 82.41% and 90.18%. Logistic regression analysis shows that male patients, patients belonged to the middle (43.3~56.7) E type of personality have high satisfaction 1 day after surgery; patients aged 40~49 years old and belonged to the intermediate (43.3~56.7) E type of personality experience high satisfaction 1 month after surgery; and patients aged of 40~49 and belonged to the intermediate type (43.3~56.7) type E personality 3 months after the operation have a high satisfaction. H test of related factors indicate that there is only E scale’s probability <0.05 which shows there is a statistical significance. The Wilcoxon rank test between two different groups of E score shows there is significant difference: the satisfaction of typical export-oriented E type personality is the highest, intermediate type shows lower satisfaction, export-oriented and introversion tendency type E personality experience the lowest satisfaction.
Conclusion: Patients’ overall satisfaction in 1 day, 1 month, 3 months after phacoemulsification have significant difference that the satisfaction in 1 day after operation is high, then it declines in 1month after operation, eventually it improve in 3 months postoperative. There is a significant difference in satisfaction between different E score groups in 3 months after surgery.


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