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Ophthalmic complications related to dengue fever: a case report

Authors: Ruihong Ju, Jinglin Zhang, Jiaqing Zhang, Binbin Wu, Yipeng Deng


Two patients aged of 30 and 22 (female in cases 1, and male in case 2) both complained of unilateral blurring of vision and scotoma within a week of being diagnosed with dengue fever. No other abnormal findings were found in their anterior segment. Retinal examination revealed blurring of the optic disc margin and several white spots in the posterior in both cases. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) imagery revealed that the white spots were only located in the retinal outer layers. Macular cystic foveolitis were also found in case 1 and diffused macular edema in case 2. In case 1, visual and retinal recovery were seen to resolve spontaneously. In case 2, patient had complete visual recovery two months after onset of the disease after being treated with steroids but central scotomata has continued to persist.


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